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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Log file analyser for Access Log Valve output
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 13:10:05 GMT
... or you could also look for web log analyzers on the web.  If you 
used the Apache Httpd compatible access log format, any analyzer built 
to work on Apache Httpd should theoretically work on the Tomcat access log.


Lyallex wrote:

>Looks interesting.
>On 8/10/07, David Smith <> wrote:
>>As I understand it access log valve outputs a compatible format to
>>Apache Httpd so Webalizer should be able to analyze and provide reports.
>>Lyallex wrote:
>>>Tomcat  5.5.23
>>>Java 1.5.0_10
>>>First let me say thanks to the users on this list that have answered
>>>my (no doubt irritating) questions over the past few weeks. Thanks in
>>>no small part to you my new application is flying along on Tomcat and
>>>is all blinged up with AJAX, SSL certification, DataSources, logging
>>>and all sorts of other nonsense, fantastic stuff.
>>>At the risk of enraging some on this list I was wondering if I might
>>>ask about viewers for the output from the Access Log Valve.
>>><question name='mode' value='timid'>
>>>I have read the appropriate documentation and I understand that the
>>>output is in some sort of standard format. I'm about to start fiddling
>>>with the pattern attribute. The docs state "These logs can later be
>>>analyzed by standard log analysis tools ... " hmm. googling "log
>>>analysis tools" returns 53k hits.
>>>Can anyone advise on a tool that I can incorporate into my application
>>>that will let me analyze my logs via my (web based) admin interface ?
>>>I will of course continue looking myself.
>>>Thanks in advance

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