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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Log file analyser for Access Log Valve output
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 12:14:58 GMT

As I understand it access log valve outputs a compatible format to 
Apache Httpd so Webalizer should be able to analyze and provide reports.


Lyallex wrote:

>Tomcat  5.5.23
>Java 1.5.0_10
>First let me say thanks to the users on this list that have answered
>my (no doubt irritating) questions over the past few weeks. Thanks in
>no small part to you my new application is flying along on Tomcat and
>is all blinged up with AJAX, SSL certification, DataSources, logging
>and all sorts of other nonsense, fantastic stuff.
>At the risk of enraging some on this list I was wondering if I might
>ask about viewers for the output from the Access Log Valve.
><question name='mode' value='timid'>
>I have read the appropriate documentation and I understand that the
>output is in some sort of standard format. I'm about to start fiddling
>with the pattern attribute. The docs state "These logs can later be
>analyzed by standard log analysis tools ... " hmm. googling "log
>analysis tools" returns 53k hits.
>Can anyone advise on a tool that I can incorporate into my application
>that will let me analyze my logs via my (web based) admin interface ?
>I will of course continue looking myself.
>Thanks in advance
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