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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Load testing, benchmarking, and tuning
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 14:29:43 GMT
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rhull wrote:
>> Are you bottlenecked on your internet bandwidth?  Are you bottlenecked
>> on latency, if you're not re-using HTTP connections?
> I can't find any reason to believe I am.  I'm running on a 1.5mb
> download/256mb upload cable connection.

Is that the advertised rate, or the measured rate?

> The Linux box is on similar.

On another network, I'm guessing, right?

You have crappy Internet connections, which is more likely to affect
your capacity than your application, unfortunately.

> Right now, the servlet is serving the contents of ~1500 small xml files (the
> next phase of the project moves the files to memory in a service to be
> served up to the servlets).  My suspicion was that a lot of the system time
> was due to file activity/swapping.

Are you just serving static content? What about the POSTs?

Also, are you using apr? IF you are serving static content, apr should
help a lot (but maybe not if you're planning on caching them in memory).
Not sure if a memory cache is going to buy you that much.

- -chris

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