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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Tomcat IIS Redirector Issues with SSL and Query Strings
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 18:17:11 GMT
Please post your configuration.

If the configuration is fine, set your redirector log level to debug, do 
one request with http and query parameter, one with https and query 
parameter and a third with https without query parameter and let us have 
a look at the redirector log file.



Antonio Santana wrote:
> Team,
> We have been using the Tomcat Redirector in our Dev environment and even our
> local machines while developing code.  We have a classic ASP site that works
> with JSP hosted by Tomcat.  The redirector has been working in these two
> environments fine, but when we move our code to Certification, it fails to
> read any query string parameters.  Basically all the standard JSP works just
> fine through the ISAPI redirector, but when it goes through
> https://hostname/somefolder/filename.jsp?par_name=value, the query string
> gets truncated or something.  We get a Page Cannot Be Displayed error (404)
> from IIS.  Take off the Query String Parameter from the URL and the page
> loads fine, but our code referencing the lacking query string cannot do its
> job.
> I am curious if you have suggestions related to this problem.  I cannot find
> anything on the web related to this.
> Thank you,

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