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From "Brian Munroe" <>
Subject context-param vs env-entry. Ready? Fight!
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2007 03:05:59 GMT
I just started to help maintain an application that I didn't
originally develop.  It is using <context-param> elements and
getInitParameter() to access application configuration items in

I have always used <env-entry> elements and JNDI to store and read
these items, respectively.  Refactoring the code to use <env-entry>'s
could be tedious, so I am looking for any advantages or disadvantages
for using either method.

One thing I did learn is that <env-entry>'s can be modifed during
runtime?  Also, since they are using JNDI, if I needed to migrate the
configuration items to a different datastore, reworking the code might
be easier.

Any suggestions or opinions very much appreciated.

-- brian

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