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From "" <>
Subject - Error -404 resources not found
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2007 11:02:19 GMT


I just installed TomCat (6 .*.) on a Windows XP server:

 1. I setup the system variables Java_Home to my JDK (Not JDK Bin)
 2.  I edited my Context.xml file second tag line to <Context reloadable="true">
 3. And I commented out some lines Web.xml files (mapping,invoking)

 When I run TOMCat from the command line, it loads properly with no problem, but when I open
up Any browser (firefox, internet explorer)  I get an error -404 resources not found. 

   I have uninstalled TOMCAT and JDK and reinstalled them, and get the same problem. I even
checked the TOMCAT logs, but the logs don't mention anything out of the ordinary. I even checked
TOMCATs documentation, but it seems that I have done everything right.

I even did this on 3 machines with same problems, so it must be ME! who is the problem. Has
anyone ever had this problem.

I appreciate your time.

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