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From <>
Subject RE: apache getting in "sending reply" state when connecting to tomcat
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:35:36 GMT
Thanks for your patience, things are starting to make more sense now. 

> Tomcat associates one thread with each incoming connection 
> (at least the default connector) independant of it's 
> idleness, i.e. even if there is no request coming in. The 
> connectionTimeout parameter in the connector tells tomcat, 
> howe long it should wait for a request, before shutting down 
> the connection and putting back the thread into the pool of 
> idle threads.
> That's the reason, why you need to adjust the parameters 
> between httpd and Tomcat.
> The reason, why you have so many connections will be in some 
> part of the webapp being to slow. This you will be able to 
> analyze by using a Java thread dump.

If no value is specified then the maximum connectors is default 200.

I assumed that Tomcat would not allow more connections than 200 to be
made to port 8009. Why then do we see more than 200 connections on port
8009 on the httpd and tomcat side. Is this additional connections in
some kind of "waiting pool" that gets establised by the OS but not
honoured by Tomcat?

I am in the process of upgrading our production enviroment to mod_jk .25
and setting relevant time out values which will hopefully improve things
or at least rule out one less potential problem.


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