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From nlif <>
Subject Re: Interacting with an embedded Tomcat
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 08:39:33 GMT

Hmm, I guess I did not explain myself very well...

I have an application, that acts as bootstrap: it creates and initializes
various services, which provide a Java API to resources such as database,
file-system, and native libraries. In addition, I want that bootstrap
application to start an embedded tomcat, in which my web application will
run. Thus, *everything* is in the same process. The question was, how can I
pass Java references from the bootstrap application to the web-apps in side
the embedded Tomcat. 

I hope this makes it clear.

I assume the Tomcat embedded APIs provide some way to pass a reference into
the web-app contexts that are deployed in that Tomcat. I've never worked
with Tomcat as embedded, and frankly, I can't seem to find documentation or
code-samples for it. If anyone can point me to anything, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again.

> If I understand correctly, external applications were started on one JVM
> and the tomcat is on another JVM, started separately or by the external
> application itself.
> Two JVMS running on on machine have nothing in common other than system
> resources. Open a serversocket at a named port on the external
> application and let the tomcat applications from webapps connect to it
> and exchange sweet talk on a mutually agreed protocol.
> On Wed, 2007-08-29 at 00:05 -0700, nlif wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If I run Tomcat as embedded, is it possible for the application that
>> contains Tomcat to interact with web-apps that run inside that Tomcat?
>> For
>> example, the external application, in addition to starting the embedded
>> Tomcat, also manages other services, and the web-apps that runs inside
>> the
>> embedded Tomcat need to use those services. How can this be done?
>> Thanks in advance.
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