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From rhull <>
Subject RE: Load testing, benchmarking, and tuning
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 12:25:19 GMT

>Are you bottlenecked on your internet bandwidth?  Are you bottlenecked
>on latency, if you're not re-using HTTP connections?

I can't find any reason to believe I am.  I'm running on a 1.5mb
download/256mb upload cable connection.  The Linux box is on similar.  The
requests are fairly short HTTP POST request (couple hundred bytes), and the
responses from the servlet are under 10K each.

> Why do you feel this is unrealistically large?

Gut feeling...?  It just didn't feel right, but I don't have a lot of
experience in this area to draw upon.

>Can you not set up a second Linux box that shares the same LAN and test
>on that?

I'll have to put in a request, but I can't do it myself, no.

>8 core box?  Looks like it.

That's correct.

>At under 10% free CPU, I'd call that "close" to maxing out the CPUs.

That's interesting...I was mostly looking at the 20% cpu and 70% system
settings, not the 10% "id".

>71% system time is certainly interesting - are you being clobbered by
>context switches between Siege and Tomcat?  A swift "vmstat 5" will tell
>you.  Look in the "cs" column.

Right now, the servlet is serving the contents of ~1500 small xml files (the
next phase of the project moves the files to memory in a service to be
served up to the servlets).  My suspicion was that a lot of the system time
was due to file activity/swapping.

Thank you for the feedback!  Any other thoughts would be welcome.
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