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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: A simple question about coyote
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 02:01:04 GMT

<> wrote in message
>I have a simple question related to the coyote connector.  That is, `Is 
>coyote similar to a composition protocol framework coyote 
>( does?'

The Apache-Tomcat coyote is much more restricted than the 
coyote.  In Tomcat, Coyote is an abstraction of the HTTP/1.1 protocol only, 
that is agnostic to the transport protocol and wire-protocol that is used 
(i.e. it would be in theory possible to write a ProtocolHandler to work over 
FTP using sockets, or to write one that uses JNI or unix-sockets with say 
AJP/1.3 (which actually exist in Tomcat, but aren't really supported)).  So 
as a result, it isn't really suited for things like multicasting.

> I read some document on the internet. For instance, 
> illustrates that coyote is a 
> protocol handler, handling web issues.  It seems like they has the same 
> purpose, though one is proposed by the Arizona university, the other by 
> Can I say that coyote (of tomcat) is also a kind of composition protocol 
> framework?

No, it isn't a composition protocol framework (but individual implementation 
may be).  It is a very simple framework that is intended to transform some 
protocol's request into an HTTP/1.1 request, and to translate the HTTP/1.1 
reponse back into the same protocol's response.  I'd suggest that you browse 
the javadocs on for the org.apache.coyote package to learn 

> Thanks your help,
> I appreciate it.
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