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From "Gregor Schneider" <>
Subject Re: How to do this
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 16:43:47 GMT
ok, this information is for free, the next one you'll have to pay me for:

they keys of software.distributions are check-sums over the
program-archives (like zip, tgz etc.).

those check-sums usually are calculated using a program like pgp
(pretty good privacy) or the free version from the
gnu-software-foundation (gpg - that was the link i posted recently).

so what you have to do is to install gpg or pgp first.

having installed one of those programs and once knowing your ways
around there, you should be able to understand the usage of those keys
(checksums) that are used in apache software-distributions and many
more products.

btw., you do not necessarily have to check those tomcat-archives -
only, if you're paranoid or if you want to setup a

what i really dislike is somebody like you giving the list 2 miserable
words "please help", then asking the list for a

you should at least show some effort to sort out things yourself first!

ppl in this list are busy earning their dollars / euros, and when they
help you, they offer time and effort to do so.

therefore, show at least some RESPECT and try to solve the problem
yourself. If you're in a deadend, ppl here will be happy to help you.

Therefore, may last tip for you:

- If you just want to play around with Tomcat:
 download it, forget about the keys and be happy

- If you're a stud and your prof asked you to verify the download,
either go to the link I've posted above, read about
public/private-key-principles, download gpg and try to understand the
software. If you don't understand anything about public/private-keys,
let your prof know.

- if this is a requirement from a customer: simply tell your customer
that you don't know nothing about the basics of informatics and let
him know to better get someone else for the job

what's puzzlin' you, is the nature of my game
gpgp-fp: 79A84FA526807026795E4209D3B3FE028B3170B2
gpgp-key available @

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