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From "Gregor Schneider" <>
Subject Slightly OT: Which CMS?
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 09:44:22 GMT
Dear list,

among other things it's now my job to look out for CMS.

I've asked auntie Google, however, browsing all hits that Google
showed up would lead straight into my retirement (and I'm not *that*

What I've seen so far is, that most CMSs are based on PHP - something
which is giving me slight headaches.

I've looked for Java-based CMSs being able to run on Tomcat or JBoss,
however, seems there are only a few available.

Recommendation for a CMS would be:

- able to somehow import our old content (static HTML, Java-Script)
- would be great if it doesn't take 1/2 year training until you can
work with the CMS (like Typo3)
- open source & developer-community would be a REAL BIG PLUS
- should be able to integrate our dynamic content (Servlets, JSP)
- dynamic content is protected by Tomcat Formbased AA - would like
either to reuse this or somehow integrate it with the CMS's own
security paradigma

I know it's quite a whishlist, but does anybody here have a suggestion
where I should point my webbrowser to?

We might even consider to pay for a CMS if the benefit compared to any
free CMS is making up for the licence-fees.

And, last not least:

In case we consider a PHP-based CMS (i.e. Joomla) - is PHP still an
I appreciate you giving some valued oppinions on that, however, I
don't want to start a flamewar on PHP ;)


what's puzzlin' you, is the nature of my game
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