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From "Craig Berry" <>
Subject RE: Recovery from OutOfMemoryError?
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 17:07:51 GMT
Oh, I'm not "blaming" either one.  Normally, our server is quite
adequate to handle the expected user load.  Every now and then we get a
"perfect storm" of too many users asking for too many large-memory
requests, and an OOME happens.  We're investigating ways to increase
capacity, but in the mean time, automating recovery would help keep the
3am phone calls from happening.

We're running Java 6 and Tomcat 6.  It's definitely heap space that's
running out, and we're actively profiling various load scenarios to spot
the most likely targets for memory-use reduction.  But again, a
short-term technique to automate the restart would help a lot.

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From: Caldarale, Charles R [] 
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Subject: RE: Recovery from OutOfMemoryError?

> From: Craig Berry [] 
> Subject: RE: Recovery from OutOfMemoryError?
> Fixing the bug would be cool, but the "bug" is actually just too many
> users contending for the same heap space

Let's put it another way: your webapp and/or JVM configuration aren't
set up properly to handle the number of users you have; don't blame it
on the users (or Tomcat).

What JVM do you have installed?  What version of Tomcat?  What OS?  Are
you sure you're out of heap space, or is some other resource being
exhausted, such as file handles?  If it's really heap space, is it the
PermGen?  Do you have a memory leak in your webapp?  Have you profiled
what's going on to see the real cause of the problem?

 - Chuck

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