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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Re: Tomcat with 8 GB memory
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 10:38:10 GMT

On 27/07/2007, at 12:19 PM, Joe Nathan wrote:
> Christopher Schultz-2 wrote:
>> Joe Nathan wrote:
>>> I would discourage to use such machine! 8GB means you are using  
>>> 64 bit
>>> machine which will be much slower than 32 bit machines.
>> Huh? Why would a 64-bit machine run slower than a 32-bit machine?
> Overall performance depend on many things: CPU speed, number of CPUs,
> memory size, I/O, especially, virtual memory paging, network interface
> bandwidth
> 64bit machines come with better capacity except
> cpu computation speed!

I think what is being forgotten here is that is not a 32bit vs 64bit
theoretical discussion, but rather a comparison of AMD64 vs i386

Sun Java 1.5 64bit has always been quicker in my tests than the 32bit
variation - both running on Debian, both with a similar 2.6 kernel.

AMD64 has a lot more and longer registers than i386 - and I could  
that the results I have seen are based on this difference..

> Otherwise 64bit machines suck! That;s why 64bit Windows is not
> popular. I don't them many shops selling!

I would assume that is because

A) You need twice as much memory for everything
B) Limited drivers available
C) Games not 64bit...

Performance isn't the issue here...


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