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From "Michael Youngstrom" <>
Subject Tomcat 6 sessionDidActivate() being called before contextInitialized()
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 20:02:04 GMT
I'm using Seam and a Seam app depends upon the Seam application being
initialized before you can do much of anything in Seam.

That said Seam puts some hooks into the sessionDidActivate() and
sessionDidPassivate() events.  Because of that when I start up my app
I'm getting a Seam IllegalStateException because the
contextInitialized() event is fired after sessionDidActivate() so Seam
is not yet initialized it's Session hooks are being fired.

On a side note I noticed that sessionWillPassivate() is being before
contextDestroyed().  So it would seem that to be consistent
sessionDidActivate() should be called after contextInitialized().


Should I log a bug?

Here is the related Seam issue:


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