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From "Mark Stevens" <>
Subject Tomcat consuming entire CPU.
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 10:32:21 GMT
Hi all,

Sorry if this has been covered already in other posts,

I'm fishing for some tips to debug an intermittent issue with Tomcat load.

My JRE:java version "1.3.1_14"

The server is running Oracle, Tomcat, Apache 2.2 and a Content
Management System, Operating system is Solaris 8 running on sun4u Sun
Fire V240 with 4GB of RAM.

Every so often the java process for Tomcat consumes an entire CPU, and
requires Tomcat to be killed, and then restarted, this is happened
quiet load with only a couple of HTTP requests coming through every

I'm wondering if this down to code, or just not having enough free
RAM, Xms and Xmx are both set to 1024M, I've heard it's not good to
set Xms too high.

Anyhow, can anyone suggest a good, and easy to use tool to profile my
webapps memory and CPU usage,  I've had a quick look at J-Profiler,
but was wondering if there were any other favorites amongst the group

Thanks in advance.


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