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From "Mark Stevens" <>
Subject PDF Delivery switching to byte ranges for slower connections.
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 12:45:42 GMT
Hi all,

 I'm using the HTTP connector and am having a few issues delivering
PDF's from Tomcat 4.1 and was wondering if anyone could shed any

The problem:

When requesting a PDF about 1.3MB in size, on the local LAN bypassing
the reverse proxy, it works fine, however when using wget to limit the
connection rate down to about 20kbps Tomcat appears to detect my
connection is slower, and attempts to send a chunk of the file rather
than the whole file, this can be seen in the access log as the request
size changes depending on my connection speed.

As soon I my request reaches the size reported for this specific
request in the access log, the connection closes, and my client
retries to get the file from the beginning.


Can I turn this feature off and prevent Tomcat from attempting to
serve byte ranges depending on fast it calculates it will take the
client to download the file.

Is the Connector setting 'allowChunking=false' the way to go?,  is
turning this off known to cause knock on effects HTML/Image delivery?

Thanks in advance.


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