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From "Hassan Schroeder" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat4.1
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 21:13:27 GMT
On 7/25/07, Aleksey Dayen <> wrote:
> Right now we using TomCat 4.1 with JDK 1.1.
> Would our TomCat version work if we update to J2SDK 5.0 with Update 6?

1. Hijacking threads, especially without even removing the previous
    content, is rude.

2. Why ask about "Update 6" when that release is on Update 12? And
     a whole release behind, to boot?

3. How freakin' tough is it to *just try it*?? No matter what anyone on
    this list says, you're going to have to test.

Personally I'd be a lot more concerned about apps breaking than
Tomcat, but whatever -- /you/ have to do the testing.

Hassan Schroeder ------------------------

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