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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: secured authentication / connection
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 18:09:10 GMT

SSL as a protocol is not designed to allow for this sort of 
man-in-the-middle configuration.  Either tomcat handles the ssl and 
listens on port 443 or Apache httpd handles the ssl and listens on 443.


Pierre Goupil wrote:

>Quote from the Tomcat doc :
>It is important to note that configuring Tomcat to take advantage of secure
>sockets is usually only necessary when running it as a stand-alone web
>server. When running Tomcat primarily as a Servlet/JSP container behind
>another web server, such as Apache or Microsoft IIS, it is usually necessary
>to configure the primary web server to handle the SSL connections from
>users. Typically, this server will negotiate all SSL-related functionality,
>then pass on any requests destined for the Tomcat container only after
>decrypting those requests.
>I'm using Tomcat 5.5, Apache 2.0.55 & mod_jk 1.2.18. I'd really like to
>manage my SSL from within Tomcat, mainly because I feel more comfortable
>with it than with Apache. But I still need Apache in front of it, in order
>to be able to use the port 80 & this sort of things.
>Does this mean that I can, but that I will then have to configure my Apache
>/ jk a bit more than with straight-forward http connections ? How to do this

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