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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Servlets Sending WEBDAV Requests(i.e. PROPPATCH) Work in Tomcat 4.x but not Tomcat 5.x +
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 23:25:34 GMT
Jason Kong wrote:
> Greetings
> My Company has a number of servlets that communicate with each other using
> Webdav requests, in particular
> Requests containing the PROPPATCH verb. Under the tomcat 4.x environment,
> there is no issue, but once under tomcat 5.x or even tomcat 6.x, the
> requests fail (although no exceptions are thrown, the response is HTTP 200
> even!)
> Does anyone have a work-around and possibly an explanation?

The behaviour you describe does not agree with the source for the webdav
servlet (which is the same across all Tomcat versions). The source for
doPropPatch() is:

    protected void doProppatch(HttpServletRequest req,
                               HttpServletResponse resp)
        throws ServletException, IOException {

        if (readOnly) {

        if (isLocked(req)) {



Therefore I would never expect to see this work and certainly wouldn't
expect to see a 200. Maybe a configuration issue?



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