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From Lenny Wintfeld <>
Subject Quesion on starting tomcat (as a windows service) from Ant
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 18:06:46 GMT
I'm running tomcat locally on WinXP as a service. Now I'm starting to do 
webapp development.

By experiment I've found the way to re-deploy a webapp  when running 
Tomcat as a service is:

Stop Tomcat service (with Procrun)
Remove the subdirectory of the  webapp to be updated from  .../Tomcat 
5.5/webapps subdirectory
Drop the war into .../Tomcat 5.5/webapps subdirectory
Start Tomcat (with Procrun)

And this works fine.

I'd like to do the same sequence inside Ant as part of the webapp build.

I can stop the Tomcat service from the commandline with  "tomcat5.exe 
//SS//" and I expect that will work from inside Ant too.

But how do I *restart*  Tomcat WinXP service from inside Ant?
"tomcat5.exe //SS//" doesn't work (the service how-to says it's called 
only from the Service Manager). I hesitate to try "tomcat5.exe //IS//" 
until someone gives me the go-ahead After all,  I've *stopped* tomcat 
with //SS// not uninstalled the service ... and why install something 
(with //IS//) that's already there?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Lenny Wintfeld

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