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From Andrew Lee Rubinger <>
Subject Re: Tomcat/AJP Client Abort Socket Errors - Leads to File Descriptor Leak
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 19:25:24 GMT

Rainer Jung wrote:
> Do you have special evidence, that the broken piepe errors correlate to 
> the increase in file descriptors? Or are you only assuming this, because 
> you can't find any other errors in the logs?

Assuming.  Should have made this more clear.

> Can you see the connections for the file descriptors on the Apache 
> machine and on the Tomcat machine (using netstat)? Are they in the same 
> state? Which state?

Attached as file. :)

> At the moment I see no correlation between the client abort and a lost 
> backend connection. There is another possible issue, if the file 
> descriptor leak happens during tiume of low load. 

FD Leak seems to occur at higher rate during high load.

> Since we just had a 
> post about this on the list, I'm simply citing my last answer from 
> another mail. Even if you think this does not apply to you, you should 
> read the document the text refers to:
> If your analysis is correct, it's a known problem, that firewalls often 
> drop idle connections, so mod_jk and Tomcat should both be configured to 
> shut down idle connections. On the Tomcat side you should use the 
> attribute connectionTimeout in the configuration of your AJP Connector 
> in server.xml. The units are in milliseconds, so 10 Minutes would be 
> 600000. On the mod_jk side you should use connection_pool_timeout, units 
> are seconds, so 10 minutes are 600.

Thanks so much; will absolutely look into this.

> We have a new docs page about these things, which will go live next week 
> with our 1.2.24 release. There is a preview for the page under
> The next release 1.2.24 will include some improvements for this 
> situation, but you would still need the timeouts on both ends.

Thanks so much for your help.  Again, not 100% sure this is a ModJK 
issue (especially after your comments), but those are my only errors in 
the logs and it seemed a natural conclusion.


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