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From Frederic Bastian <>
Subject Re: URIEncoding
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 17:45:42 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R a écrit :
>> From: Frederic Bastian [] 
>> Subject: Re: URIEncoding
>> Is there a way to get the value of the param URIEncoding of the 
>> Connector, so your code will work, whatever the char encoding of the 
>> Connector is ?
> I'm confused.  If the <Connector> already has the proper URIEncoding
> value, why do you think the application needs to reprocess the URI with
> the same encoding?

The point is that I need to use the method, 
e.g., "UTF-8").

Using a different character encoding than the Connector URIEncoding 
leads to problems ; for instance, if the Connector URIEncoding is set to 
"ISO-8859-1" (default value), and the URLEncoder.encode() method set to 
"UTF-8" => problems (one obvious solution is to modify the URIEncoding)

I would like to use URLEncoder.encode() method with the character 
encoding UTF-8 (W3C recommendations). So, I MUST modify the Connector 
URIEncoding parameter, but I don't want to, to improve portability.

So I would like to manage this problem in the application itself rather 
than in server.xml, for portability purposes. The only solution I see is 
to find a way to get the value of the URIEncoding parameters.

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