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From Peter Stavrinides <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5 and 6 Security advise
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 13:36:48 GMT
Thanks Chuck,

I have done most of these, I already run Tomcat as a daemon using a 
non-privileged account, and use a JDBC realm to authenticate users. I 
will check for any loose ends like connectors in the config files.


Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Peter Stavrinides [] 
>> Subject: Re: Tomcat 5 and 6 Security advise
>> and nothing is mentioned about the benefits of 
>> running Apache with Tomcat for securing Tomcat
>> in a purely Java environment
> Adding layers generally doesn't improve security - it just provides
> additional targets.
> Some things to do:
> 1) Browse through the server.xml and web.xml settings in Tomcat's conf
> directory, and disable anything you don't need, especially connectors.
> 2) Remove any uneeded webapps that come with Tomcat, such as the
> examples, docs, and webdav.
> 3) Use a proper authentication Realm, not the toy default one that keeps
> credentials in the tomcat-users.xml file.
> 4) Restrict access to Tomcat's file structure to a specific userid, and
> run Tomcat with that userid.
> I'm not aware of any security vulnerabilities in current Tomcat levels
> other than the rather minor cross-scripting ones inherent in some of the
> examples.
>  - Chuck
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