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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Quality check mod_jk 1.2.24-dev
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 08:14:13 GMT
Hi all,

The next version of mod_jk is approaching its release. A code snapshot 
(revision 59730) is available at:

It is in the same format as a release download, so easy to build.
Under the same URL you can find the updated documentation.

It would be nice, if we could get some testing feedback from the 
community. Feel free to post any observations.

Depending on your feedback we plan to tag the release at the end of the 

The most important changes are:


- performance improvement in connection checking
- handle correctly up- and downloads bigger than 2GB
- Web servers: new default mode "ForwardURIProxy" for encoding the 
forwarding URL. Combines safety and interoperability with mod_rewrite 
and URL session encoding
- Security: new option RejectUnsafeURI resp. reject_unsafe to harden 
against possibly malicious URLs
- Load Balancer: add configuration item max_reply_timeouts, to make lb 
tolerant against occasional reply timeouts. Fully managed by status worker.
- Status Worker: rename worker status names by using OK/substatus and 
ERR/substatus. Especially use OK/IDLE instead of N/A. Only display 
change, no functional change.
- new recovery options for recovering idempotent HTTP methods HEAD and GET.
- Logging: milli- or microseconds timestamp


- always build with thread support, unless flag --enable-prefork is set
during for configure. Fixes builds on some platforms, e.g. AIX and Mac OS X.
- fixed a deadlock in lb worker, which was exposed on Solaris for 
threaded Apache MPMs.
- interoperability with mod_rewrite
- various fixes for Apache on iSeries


- new HowTo about our various timeout settings
- correct documentation for worker attributes retries and 
recovery_options and their meaning w.r.t the different worker types.
- clarify relation between worker names and jvmRoute for load balancing.
- IIS: Document auth_complete and uri_select.
- add comments on iSeries builds.

The full change log is available under:

Thanks for your valuable time!



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