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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: mod_jk error detection
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 21:59:58 GMT
> One obvious thing that confuses me and could be changed is the "Advanced
> worker directives" table.  It includes directives that are applicable to
> both load balancer workers and real workers and only distinguishes which
> directives are used for which worker when it is to be used for a load
> balancer worker.  Does that mean the others are usable directives for
> both real workers and load balancer workers or just real workers or in
> some cases both.
> I believe I know the answer to that but it somewhat misleading.

You are right, this needs a little forward before the table. At the 
moment we note "Only used for load balancer workers.", "Only used for a 
member worker of a load balancer." or "This attribute can be used for 
normal workers and for load balancer workers.". In fact we would need to 
mark, if an attribute is useful

LB) for an lb worker
N) for a non lb worker (normal worker, mostly synonymous with ajp13)
M) for an lb member worker

X) for a worker in the worker list (worker.list)

An attribute might apply to some "or" combinations of LB) to M) and an 
optional "and" with X.

I also think, that our "advanced" category is more historically 
motivated, so we should check, if some attributes should change their group.

Have fun using mod_jk!



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