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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Exception occurs when shutdown my apache-tomcat 4.1
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 15:31:35 GMT
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senthil gugan wrote:
>      I am using the apache-tomcat 4.1 in my Linux Suse OS. 
>      An exception is occurs every time I shutdown the tomcat server.
> Catalina.stop: Connection refused
> Connection refused

I think you are not actually shutting down your server. This isn't a
shutdown exception. This is an exception being thrown when trying to

That sounds like nonsense, right?

Remember that the server is already running. When you run,
you're starting up another process that tries to communicate with the
running instance of Tomcat to request a shutdown. The "shutdown" program
is failing. Tomcat is never getting the shutdown message.

Check your server.xml for the server port:

<Server port="[shutdown port] shutdown="SHUTDOWN">

Make sure that "shutdown port" has the value you expect it to have. You
might try netstat:

$ netstat -plan | grep java

This ought to show you which ports are being used by which processes. If
you don't see a java process listening on the shutdown port, then
something is wrong.

You can also get this error if Tomcat isn't actually running. I assume
it's running since you want to shut it down.

- -chris

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