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From John Moore <>
Subject Tomcat6 Manager App HOW-TO
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2007 23:27:30 GMT
I would appreciate some clarifications/advice on this How-To..

It appears that the instruction to add (paths corrected)

<Context path="/manager" privileged="true"

is wrong (based on message from Charles Caldarale on 5/16/2007)

So.. in reading the rest of the instructions I'm finding things are not 
quite working as documented.

Searched this list and google and so far have not come up with any answers:


1) Is the instruction that you add a manager.xml to each


..folder required?  (I assume the path should be corrected since there 
is no longer any "server" directory structure.)

.. at this point it does not seem to matter.. but I would like access to 
virtual hosts..

2) So I can access the localhost manager at:


   but can not access the host-manager at:


   ..I get a 403  (I did try adding a host-manager role to the 
tomcat-user.xml , but no joy)

   Is there something that has not been documented as yet to configure 

3) I can not access a virtual host Manager at

Thank you for any hints or advice..


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