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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Threads handling user Requests problem
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 14:04:22 GMT
En l'instant précis du 02/07/07 15:55, Mirek Kopriva s'exprimait en ces
> There can be as many as 100 separate requests (not usual but possible)
> per a
> page load via Ajax. Some of those
> requests can take a while because of waiting for another application, I'm
> trying to integrate with.
Fun along the way :D
> Now the problem. I can see only 2 Tomcat Threads, handling all of these
> request, which as you can imagine can take a while.
> Shouldn't tomcat take a new Thread from the Thread Pool for each
> Request up
> to Maximum? Am I missing some configuration Tricks?
> Here is the thread pool configuration taken from the Manager.:
> Any Pointers/Suggestions/Tips would be greatly appreciated,
> Best Regards,
> Mirek
Indeed, tomcat grows serving thread until at maximum. But it grows only
if there are requests from client. I think you should check first that
it's not the dwr javascript on the client that is restricting to one
XmlHttpRequest at the time. You can use a toll like wireshark to sniff
you client/server connection and check what side is wrong.

If you see 100 different connection to your tomcat, all waiting for
answer and only 2 or 3 http thread on tomcat, then it's server side
fault, if you only see one connection at a time from client to server,
then it's the client fault :D

I bet dwr as safenet to avoid overloading server, and this safenet
restricts number of simultaneous ajax requests.

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