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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: HttpSession questions
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2007 20:16:54 GMT
It's also available via the servlet class.  See

If you are trying this via jsp, it should be available via PageContext.  See


lightbulb432 wrote:
> Why is it that you need an HttpSession in order to get a ServletContext? I
> tried to obtain a ServletContext using an HttpServletRequest, but this isn't
> possible in the API, unless you do a
> request.getSession().getServletContext().
> This creates a session, however, and I'm not sure I need a session to be
> created at the point in time where I am obtaining the ServletContext - all I
> want to do is have access to something I put in application scope earlier
> on.
> If I do a request.getSession(), then a session is started. If I do a
> request.getSession(false), then a NullPointerException will be thrown if I
> call getServletContext() on it. Why has the API been designed in such a way
> - after all, since it's possible to know what servlet context each request
> is going to, then shouldn't you be able to get the servlet context from the
> request?
> Thanks.

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