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From Juha Laiho <>
Subject Re: How to inject a webapp listener?
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2007 16:00:18 GMT

the reason why I believe I need to do this from the context level
is that the code running in the listener needs to access the context
classloader of the individual webapps - and they seem to me at least
be most straightforward to access from the webapp listener.

Of course, a way to access the individual webapp context classloaders
from ADD_CHILD/REMOVE_CHILD events of the container would be a good
alternative (definitely more clean approach than my current idea of
injecting the listener).

David Delbecq wrote:
> Am not sure, but, whatever job your injected contextlistener is supposed
> to do, it could perhaps be done in the container listener without
> ressorting to context listener, isn't it? (using ADD_CHILD for the
> 'context initialized' and REMOVE_CHILD for contect destroyed)?
> As for calling init on your injected listern, is suppose you will have
> to do it yourself.
> Juha Laiho a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I would like to have the Tomcat container to inject a specific
>> ServletContextListener to each loaded webapp on my server - without
>> touching the individual web.xml files, and am looking for advise on
>> how to achieve this.
>> In other words, I'd like to have the container act as if there was
>> <listener>
>>  <listener-class>MyListenerClass</listener-class>
>> </listener>
>> section in the web.xml file for each application?
>> Currently, I have added a ContainerListener on my Host, which
>> is listening on ADD_CHILD messages to discover newly added
>> StandardContext instances, and performs the following on each
>> new StandardContext (where ctx is a reference to the added context):
>>  Object[] listeners = ctx.getApplicationLifecycleListeners();
>>  Object[] newListeners = new Object[listeners.length+1];
>>  System.arraycopy(listeners,0,newListeners,0,listeners.length);
>>  newListeners[newListeners.length-1]=ctxListener;
>>  ctx.setApplicationLifecycleListeners(newListeners);
>> With this, my listener is already able to capture the contextDestroyed
>> events from the webapp - but not the contextInitialized. It looks like
>> the
>> Context is added to the host only after it has been already initialized.
>> What I'm looking for is a way to be able to inject the webapp listener
>> in an earlier phase, so that I can also capture the contextInitialized
>> messages. Any ideas? Also, if there's an overall better way to inject
>> the webapp listener, please let me know -- the above way feels rather
>> crude.
>> Thanks,
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