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From "Leon Rosenberg" <>
Subject Re: Recovery from OutOfMemoryError?
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 21:51:57 GMT
On 7/31/07, Caldarale, Charles R <> wrote:
> > From: Christopher Schultz []
> > Subject: Re: Recovery from OutOfMemoryError?
> >
> > A thread that suffers an OOME is pretty much hosed, anyway, so
> > counting on it to do any kind of recovery is difficult.
> Why do you say that?  The only thing that failed is the allocation of
> some particular object, leaving the rest of the thread's state intact.
> In most cases, it's easy to return a failure notification to the caller
> of whatever method encountered the error.  Unless one's design is based
> on wishful thinking, of course...

Thats however strongly depend on where it happened... if for example
the code in question was a middleware stub which is left in
unpredictable state, or the orb itself, or any kind of stack
somewhere, or a processing queue, or some background threads... or 3rd
party libraries... chances to recover from an oome are pretty low in
my opinion, and even if you recover (unless it was an unusually
expensive request) the next request you get will bring you into same

I think there are very few places where an oome should be caught and
can be handled properly, or you have to surround each new with


>  - Chuck
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