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From "Alex Jalali" <>
Subject tomcat 6 upgrade problems.
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2007 17:55:23 GMT

I've upgraded from tomcat 5.5 to 6. There are some problems that I need help.

1. I compiled the native .libs and added it to catalina. the startup
indicated no errors and loaded with Apr. but looking at the cpu usage it
was taking 99% of it. even though there was no errors and the webapp would
load without a problem. but after 10 min or it became non responsive. it
didn't crash but didn't give any error messages so I hd to kill it.

2. I run it without Apr and this time cpu usage was ok but it works for
about 1 hour or so and just becomes none responsive again. and again no
error messages or anything given. so its realy hard to know what's wrong

3. the logging does not seem to work. I chnaged the log properties
changing everything to "ALL" and in my server.xml for most items I've set

4. ssl also doesn't work. I followed the instruction doing both with Apr
and without. whats odd is if you go to http://host:443 it works but if you
go to https://host or https://host:443 it doesn't.

5. this is not a big problem but when you shutdown and startup it doesn't
always work. I give it some time too but...

by the way I have two instances of tomcat. one as stand alone and the
other configured with apache and mod_jk. the ssl of the instance that is
connected to apache does work. both of these tomcat instances stop working
after a while. and no error log.

here is my system setup:
Redhat 9
JK 1.2.23 (connected to one of the instances of tomcat)
mysql-connector 5.0.6
mysql 5

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