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From Martin Heiden <>
Subject Re: Slightly OT: Which CMS?
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 10:49:19 GMT

  have a look at

  there are several java open source cms. I would give alfresco a
  chance (, but it may be overkill.

  You could try Daisy ( (it's more a wiki system but
  quite interesting) or Apache Lenya ( Both are XML
  based systems.

  Or a JSP based approach like and

  If you consider PHP CMS systems too, try!


am Montag, 2. Juli 2007 um 11:44 schrieben Sie:

> Dear list,

> among other things it's now my job to look out for CMS.

> I've asked auntie Google, however, browsing all hits that Google
> showed up would lead straight into my retirement (and I'm not *that*
> old...)

> What I've seen so far is, that most CMSs are based on PHP - something
> which is giving me slight headaches.

> I've looked for Java-based CMSs being able to run on Tomcat or JBoss,
> however, seems there are only a few available.

> Recommendation for a CMS would be:

> - able to somehow import our old content (static HTML, Java-Script)
> - would be great if it doesn't take 1/2 year training until you can
> work with the CMS (like Typo3)
> - open source & developer-community would be a REAL BIG PLUS
> - should be able to integrate our dynamic content (Servlets, JSP)
> - dynamic content is protected by Tomcat Formbased AA - would like
> either to reuse this or somehow integrate it with the CMS's own
> security paradigma

> I know it's quite a whishlist, but does anybody here have a suggestion
> where I should point my webbrowser to?

> We might even consider to pay for a CMS if the benefit compared to any
> free CMS is making up for the licence-fees.

> And, last not least:

> In case we consider a PHP-based CMS (i.e. Joomla) - is PHP still an
> security-issue?
> I appreciate you giving some valued oppinions on that, however, I
> don't want to start a flamewar on PHP ;)


> Gregor

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