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From "Marco" <>
Subject RE: Recovery from OutOfMemoryError?
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 17:39:42 GMT
Dear Craig,

You are familiar with, even with enough systemmemory, JVM uses limited
I your application consumes much memory, you could change settings in the
tomcat6.conf file:

#JAVA_OPTS="-Xminf0.1 -Xmaxf0.3"
JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx1024M -Xms512M"

Or higher, depending on your systemconfiguration.
Not too high though. You need testing, for this could lead Tomcat not to
(second, consider using -server setting: JAVA_OPTS="- server -Xmx1024M

More information on


-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Craig Berry [] 
Verzonden: dinsdag 31 juli 2007 18:44
Onderwerp: Recovery from OutOfMemoryError?

Our Tomcat-based app suffers from occasional OutOfMemoryErrors.  We have
found that we need to manually restart Tomcat when these happen;
frequently the Tomcat process appears to be working after the error, but
is actually crippled in one way or another by the loss of some key


We would very much like to trigger an automated Tomcat restart when an
OOME occurs.  Does anyone have suggestions on the cleanest, safest way
to arrange this?  (We're running Tomcat as a normal process under Linux,
if that matters.)



Craig Berry
Principal Architect and Technical Manager

PortBlue Corporation (



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