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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: PORTLETS On Tomcat...
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2007 18:52:48 GMT
Ok I still have no idea how to use portlets... but found an easy way to get 
going on TC

Download OpenPortal Deployer

Install the OpenPortal project using these instructions on TC

In Netbeans 5.5.1 or better Tools->Update->Center (Netbeans Beta)
Do not install the Sun System Portal server..... thats the mistake I made
Just install Generic Portlets...

Make a default Portlet project..... and compile it.

Start Tomcat.... go to http://localhost:8080/portletdriver/dt
Click on the Admin Tab.... Browse for your portlet War in DIST folder of 
project you made.
Deploy it....

Create some more windows at bottom of page..... switch to portlet tab
You will see your portlets....

Hopefully that answers questions about developing in Netbeans for Tomcat 
portlets.... it definitely works.

BUT.... if you make portlets on an application server... like Spring or 
Glassfish.... you going to have problems trying to moving back to a servlet 

Whether you should use portals?..... thats 4 u 2 decide.

===========Previous Message================
Done a little more research on portlets.... but still havnt got the things 
running on my dev environment

If you wondering what a portlet is.... here are two very interesting flash 

It seems the portlet container can be installed on Tomcat... however the 
installation on Netbeans seems GlassFish orientated.

Now the thing about that is that one is a servlet container the other a 
application container.... so (and this is where I wish I had got the things 
running) I think its very easy for a Netbeans user to use EJB's without even 
realizing it.... and thats why I think we starting to see questions like... 
it gave me an EAR file, how do I use that on tomcat.

Isnt the tooling in those video's amazing.... even if you dont like the 
concept of portlets.... awesome tools these developers are putting together. 

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