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From Jacob Bunk Nielsen <>
Subject Re: Problem with JVM, and Tomcat tuning
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2007 22:25:11 GMT
"Peter Crowther" <> writes:

> Jacob, are you *absolutely* sure the hardware is solid?  Does anything
> else ever crash?  Does the same setup work on another machine (I
> appreciate this is not always easy to test)?

Yes, I'm quite sure the hardware is solid.

Actually I'm running the application on two almost identical servers -
one is a Dell PowerEdge 6600 and the other one is a Dell PowerEdge
6650 purchased roughly a year later than the 6600, so it has newer
RAID controllers and such.

> Also, which Linux?

Currently Debian Sarge. However, I saw the same problems when it was
running Potato. I should get around to upgrading to Etch sometime

I'm currently running on kernels that I compiled from, and
the two servers are running separate kernelversions at the moment. I
see the same JVM-issues on both.

Also I don't see anything else crashing on those two systems, and they
both keep high uptimes and basically seem rock-solid.


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