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From Thomas Hartwig <>
Subject mod_jk and rewrite changed behaviour from 1.2.18 ->1.2.23
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 12:06:27 GMT
Recently I tried to update the mod_jk module for a debian system to 
version 1.2.18 of the jk connector. All compiling went through but I 
have problems with some changes in conjunction with the rewrite 
functionality of apache I assume.

In the past I did some internal [PT] (proxy pass through) requests to 
map a shtml path to a tomcat struts application (see setup below). 
Unfortunately this is not working any more in 1.2.23.

My setup worked with 1.2.18, but 1.2.23 fails with a tomcat file not 
found error: some.shtml could not be found.

Does somebody know this? And can give me a hint how to achieve a similar 


My setup looks like this:

JkMount         /gototomcat/*   ajp13_worker

<VirtualHost somehost>
	ProxyRequests Off
	RewriteEngine On
	RewriteRule /some.shtml /gototomcat/ [PT]

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