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From Roger <>
Subject Re: Windows or Linux as Tomcat server?
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 09:18:53 GMT
Thanks for all your replies!

@Johnny Kewl and David kerber
We'll look into the memory leak, into the code. I don't know when
we're going to find it, but it's good to know that it's not related to
the Windows version of Tomcat.

@Andrew Miehs and Tim Funk
The server is hosted by a provider and behind a firewall. They have
SAS 70 type II certification, so I suppose they know what they do. I
am quite familiar with the command line, SSH and Linux/BSD. There is
no deadline, I just wanted to know this for future installations when
we have the choice between Windows and Linux servers.

@Peter Crowther
That's another good tip. And I hate MS licencing. It's so incredibly

@Ronald Klop
We do start it as a service, so the command window won't be a problem.

We use MS SQL Server, so we always need a Windows 2003 server. If we
have a client that is familiar with Linux or BSD (with good Linux
administrators), that would be a good test case.


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