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From "Nelson, Tracy M." <>
Subject RE: Keeping busy site responsive
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 21:22:13 GMT
| From: Parham, Clinton []
| Sent: Thursday, 28 June, 2007 07:34
| Brantley: I like the idea but the part about 'staggering to a halt
| issuing redirects' is a concern. If this were to happen, then even
| with established sessions would have trouble getting through - right?
| think the same applies to Tracey's suggestion.

If you set your threshold appropriately (based on your service rate) and
go with my second "suggestion" (really phrased more as a question) of
returning a 503 (Server Busy) status instead of issuing a redirect, I
think you should be fine and it would require the least amount of work
(I haven't actually looked at Brantley's code, but it sounds pretty
straightforward).  Although I do like Christopher's "gatekeeper"
solution, as it could probably be leveraged to provide similar services
for other applications as well.  It could also be implemented as a
simple CGI script, so you wouldn't have to have two machines (or even
two instances of TC).  If your front end is Apache with mod_perl
configured, a pleasant evening playing with IPC would probably produce a
decent solution....
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