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From "Somu Sundar Reddy.Y" <>
Subject Re: Does manager show AJP connections as stage K?
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 19:02:40 GMT
     Thanks for your reply.
    When I open the admin console in Tomcat 5.0.28,  I can see two Connectors
  1. Connector(8009)
  2. Conenctor(8080)
  Below values I can see in Conenctor(8080)
    Type: - HTTP
    Scheme: - http
    Enable DNS Lookups:  - false
    URI Encoding:  - 
    Use Body Encoding For URI Query Parameters:  - False
    Allow TRACE Method: Flase
    IP Address: 
    Accept Count: -100
    Compression:  - off
  Connection Linger (milliseconds) :     -1
Connection Timeout (milliseconds) :  20000  
Connection Upload Timeout (milliseconds) :    30000 
Default Buffer Size:    2048
Disable Upload Timeout:  True 
Max KeepAlive Requests:    100
Max Spare Threads:    75
Max Threads:    150
Min Spare Threads:    25
Processor Thread Priority:    5
TCP No Delay :  True 
X Powered By :  True 


    Port Number: 8080
    Redirect Port Number: -8443
    Proxy Name: 
    Proxy Port Number: 0
  Please do let me know if I need to send other information in resolving Oracle connection
pool problem.
  Thanks a lot for your help.



Georg Sauer-Limbach <> wrote:  Hi,

in the manager app of Tomcat 5.5 there is the list of
threads and their state and connection for each Connector
when you click on "Server Status".

The AJP connector shows a large number (about 50) threads,
all in state "K" (keepalive) with connection times of
several to several hundred hours.

Question: Are these just the permanently open AJP connections
between Apache and Tomcat or are these stalled requests?

Thanks for any help, regards

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