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From "Parham, Clinton" <>
Subject RE: Keeping busy site responsive
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 17:20:42 GMT

I guess what I was thinking about with load balancing is that I might have two Tomcat servers
ready to process enrollments. I need some traffic controller in front of them to manage incoming
traffic so they don't get swamped and unable to process enrollments already in progress.

What you suggested initially was that one system be the traffic controller and depending on
how busy the enrollment server is, either send users to it or redirect them to a static 'busy'
page elsewhere. How were you thinking this communication between the traffic controller and
enrollment server would work?

I might be misunderstanding your suggestion: 'Why not skip the extra step of determining the
state on the fly and just send the user to another server (permanently)?' If I don't include
the step of checking state on the fly, don't I run the risk of the enrollment server being
flooded and preventing enrollments in progress from completing?


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Parham, Clinton wrote:
> Maybe Christopher is on the right track where some sort of load balancer
> is the best solution. One that's smart enough to allow established
> sessions through and maybe redirect new ones while the server is at peak
> load. This would avoid Tomcat from having to deal with traffic it cannot
> handle/trying to issue redirects. 
> Does anyone have any experience/recommendations setting something like
> this up? Len hinted at F5 - not sure we can afford that... Len: which F5
> and how much??

I don't think you need special lb hardware. Just use two machines (or
even two TC instances on the same machine) and have one redirect users
to the other. A single switch (the redirect) is all you require. Adding
load balancing into the equation will just introduce new problems.

Also, you're not trying to balance load. You're trying to send users in
different states to different places. Why not skip the extra step of
determining the state on the fly and just send the user to another
server (permanently)?

- -chris

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