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From Ingo Siebert <>
Subject HTML error pages
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 06:40:31 GMT

i'm using Tomcat 5.5 and run a JAX-WebService application.

In general, if an error occurs at my application i will send back an 
SOAP-fault. So far so fine.

But my problem is now, that sometimes occurs an JVM/Tomcat exception 
(i.e. out of heap-space) and in this case, Tomcat sends back a HTML page 
(text/html, 404...).

The WS-client is showing an unexpected content type exception (not nice).
But my main problem is that i never see the html error page/message. 
Tomcat didn't print it in any console or log file. Is it possible to 
configure Tomcat in a way that it prints the (html) exception into a log 



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