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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Image problem on tomcat
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 16:26:24 GMT
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Zilberstein Yuval wrote:
> I am trying to display the image on a special mobile browser, by
> requesting it from a jsp on the tomcat server, But the browser can not
> display it.

Does this image render properly on a "normal" web browser (like MSIE,
ff, Safari, Opera, etc.)?

> When I am trying to display it from another apache server it works ok.

Do you mean that it renders properly on the mobile device when served by
Apache httpd? If the only difference is the server, it's possible that
Tomcat doesn't send the correct content type, and the mobile browser is
refusing to interpret the file as a CWSIS file.

Use a regular browser to pull-up that image served by Tomcat in one
window and Apache httpd in another. Check the HTTP headers to see if the
content-type headers are different. If Tomcat sends the wrong
content-type, you can probably just configure Tomcat to use the proper
type with files that end in a particular file extension (like ".cwsis").

- -chris

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