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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Dynamic form-login-page?
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 13:24:36 GMT
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Jon Wilmoth wrote:
> I have run this through the Struts mailing lists and am hoping for a
> change/solution.  Without digging through the servlet spec myself can
> I ask if the Tomcat implementation is the expected behavior (i.e. no
> processing of filters on container managed authentication redirects)?
> Or is it just not specified and left up to the container
> implementation?

You might have to ask your question again (on this list) with a new
subject (to get new interest), especially because you're asking a
different question this time. You could also post to the developer list.

My suggestion regarding the Struts list was to find out if anyone has
done this on /other/ app servers... basically trying to find out of TC
is the odd man out, or if other app servers do this, too. Lobbying to
"fix" TC probably won't result in any changes unless TC is doing
something others are not.

> Is it worth while opening a bugzilla entry for a configurable Tomcat
> implementation that wouldn't require a servlet?

I wouldn't do that. My experience with the TC devs is that bugzilla
entries that question methodology are smacked-down right away with harsh
words by the TC devs. Maybe it's just one or two of them.

I would ask the question, first.

- -chris

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