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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: monitoring mod_jk / ajp13 requests
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 10:39:27 GMT
See Fiddler


Philippe Boismoreau wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm requesting a .pdf file through IE6 > Apache 2.0 > mod_jk / ajp13 > Tomcat
5.0 > "my servlet who checks user's read rights" (declared as a <filter> in the web.xml
of my webapp)
> the problem is :
> -> IE6 loads a white page (nothing). When I retry, it loads correctly the document
in the plugin for pdf files
> -> if I request the .pdf from Tomcat directly (through localhost:8080), it works fine.
> Acccording to (,
it should be about the content-type or content-lenght header of http requests:
> "The first behavior is by design. When an initial request is sent for the server file,
this returns a data stream with a content-type that is handled by a plug-in (not an ActiveX
control), and Internet Explorer closes the initial port and sends a new request with userAgent
= contype.
> The only information that is needed in return from the contype request is the content-type.
However, because most developers are unaware of this request style, they treat each GET the
same and return the entire document. This is where the second problem can manifest itself.
Internet Explorer is hard coded to time out in only 10 seconds if the contype request is not
answered. If you are reading large files from disk or opening a database to retrieve the file,
you can easily exceed the 10 second time-out limit.
> In Internet Explorer 4.x and 5, the browser first generates a GET request to the server.
The server responds with the content-type, and the browser looks at the registry to check
which application it will invoke. Then the browser generates a second GET request, and, after
the server responds with the same content-type, the browser invokes the targeted application
inside the browser window. Lastly, the browser sends a third GET request, and this time the
browser renders the content of the server file inside the browser and completes the process.
> Any idea about how to monitor requests exchange between mod_k and Tomcat or Apache (headers,
...) ? Any other idea would be fine too!

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