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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject Re: APR with tomcat - long boot
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 17:39:34 GMT
Ilja S. wrote:

> I don't know exactly what random source is used by APR, it was compiled 
> with only one switch " --with-apr". Is this possible to find out?

What you compiled (configured) using --with-apr is propably not APR but
rather the Tomcat Native Library ( which uses the APR
installation you pointed the configure script to with the above switch.
What I was talking about is the configuration of the configure script
for APR itself.

> I use tomcat with apache 2.2x and mod_jk.
> The only connectors I have in server xml is:
> ------------------------
>  <Connector
>         port="8080"
>         redirectPort="8443"
>         minSpareThreads="25"
>         connectionTimeout="20000"
>         maxSpareThreads="75"
>         maxThreads="150">
>     </Connector>
>     <Connector
>         port="8009"
>         redirectPort="8443"
>         protocol="AJP/1.3">
>     </Connector>
> ------------------------------
> The ssl is configured on one virtual host in apache.
> I'm a little bit confused about connectors anyway.
> My understanding is that if page request is on port 8080, then "http" 
> connector (first in config above) comes in play and page is served by 
> tomcat directly.
> If request is on port 80 and we have configured this virtual host with 
> JkMount directives then page is somehow passed by mod_jk to AJP 
> connector (I think in file we say that it should be 
> AJP). Is that right?


> Also I wonder do I need to enable APR at all if tomcat is running with 
> apache and mod_jk?

Tomcat works fine without APR. Therefore the is no *necessity* to use
APR if you want to use Tomcat. APR is simply supposed to improve
performance (moreover with APR you can use OpenSSL certificates with
Tomcat's HTTPS Connector instead of the Java keystore).

Anyway: since you've not configured an HTTPS Connector in Tomcat, I
don't really have an explanation for the slow startup.


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