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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: tomcat temp directory
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 02:20:53 GMT
Tomcat doesn't have any config for the temp dir that I know's 
more of a jvm thing.

I believe Sun's jvm is supposed to delete the file when it's associated 
file handle is gc'd.  Can you provide your OS, jdk and a chunk of sample 
code if how you are using the temp dir?  Also assuming the temp file is 
deleted when the file handle is gc'd, are you sure you aren't holding on 
to a reference somewhere?

As to localhost vs domain access, there should be no difference.  I'd 
assume it to be an issue with the connector config or how you are 
accessing the temp dir.


Chris Pat wrote:
> Hello
> How do I configure and access a temporary directory in Tomcat5x?  Oddly I am presently
writing files I want to use immediately into and it works if I access the
webapp from localhost.  However fails when accessed from a domain.  
> Within the Action/servlet how to I write/read the context specific temp directory?  Is
there a way to release the file lock that Tomcat will have on that file?  I close all streams,
but in previous primitive way it held the lock and I had to stop/restart TC.  Any help along
understanding this would be greatly appreciated.  

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