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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Load Balance sticky_session=True, am I missing something?
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 07:58:50 GMT
Concerning the load balancer worker: you need to set jvmRoute in 
server.xml on your Tomcat servers. The value of the respective jvmRoute 
has to be wrkr1 and wrkr2.

This will add that string to the session id (JSESSSIONID cookie or 
jsessionid= URL part) and mod_jk strips it from there to learn, where 
the sticky request should go to.



Tim Alberts wrote:
> Well I found one problem with my, but it didn't fix 
> my problem.  I used the deprecated 'balanced_workers' on my load 
> balancer configuration instead of the balance_workers. So I'm still 
> stuck, any suggestions?
> Tim Alberts wrote:
>> I have two tomcat servers (5.5.23) and running mod_jk (1.2.20) with 
>> load balancing behind apache.  I have a web application that needs to 
>> maintain session information.  What I'm seeing is that the load 
>> balance is alternating requests between the servers equally, as 
>> expected, but sessions are getting lost when going between the 
>> servers.  I thought from reading that the default is 
>> sticky_session=True which means the mod_jk will keep sessions going to 
>> the same server (if it is available..).  This is obviously not 
>> happening.  Am I doing something wrong, or is there a problem?
>> # - ajp13
>> #
>> # List workers
>> worker.list=lb,jkstatus
>> #
>> # Define wrkr1
>> worker.wrkr1.port=8009
>> worker.wrkr1.type=ajp13
>> worker.wrkr1.socket_timeout=300
>> worker.wrkr1.lbfactor=1
>> #
>> # Define wrkr2
>> worker.wrkr2.port=8009
>> worker.wrkr2.type=ajp13
>> worker.wrkr2.socket_timeout=300
>> worker.wrkr2.lbfactor=1
>> #
>> # Define lb
>> #
>> # Define a 'jkstatus' worker using status
>> worker.jkstatus.type=status
>> Second, I see a reference to a Session Manager in the Tomcat 
>> documentation that can maintain session data across multiple servers.  
>> This is the first I've heard about this, is this something Tomcat has 
>> built in that I need to enable, or is this third party or something I 
>> need to write on my own?  (I will be reading more, but quick info from 
>> users is helpful).
>> Thank you for any help.

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