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From Tent Pig <>
Subject RE: Configuring TOMCAT to use different ROOT context
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2007 15:11:22 GMT
--- "Caldarale, Charles R"
<> wrote:

> Can you use Tomcat's multiple <Host> capability to
> accomplish this segregation?  Each <Host> element 
> has its own appBase, which could point to the
> appropriate DocumentRoot directory for the
> corresponding httpd virtual host.

Well, I tried this.

I put in tomcat's server.xml:

<host name="localhost" appbase="/path/to/documentroot"

This sort of "works", in the sense that now tomcat
looks in


for JSP files

of course, for my user, this is 'unacceptable', since
she has


and wants to be able to put applicable JSP pages in
each subdirectory, rather than placing them under

(Again, I'm completely clueless here) when I googled
information online, several references were made to
adding a <context> tag within the <host>
declaration... but if I try this, it seems to have no



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